Vinyl Floors

Vinyl (PVC) floor and wall vinyl is a very versatile and easy to maintain product.

Its used extensively in the commercial sector as it’s the first choice product for floors and walls in many areas such as health, education, retail and office fit outs it comes in many forms from 1.83-2.00 lm wide sheet vinyl to vinyl tiles and vinyl planks

 Homogenous Sheet vinyl – (solid)
This is extremely hard wearing and perfect for health installations to floors and walls and is readily covetable and hot welded and gives a completely impervious surface. It’s extremely easy to clean and maintain and will last forever.

 Heterogeneous sheet vinyl – (multilayer)
Thus is also extremely hard wearing but also adds that softer feel underfoot. Because its multilayered the designs are endless and any design or style you want will be found in this range thus why its very popular in education, education and retail fit outs. 

Non slip sheet vinyl – (safety)
This is used any place these days but is both multilayered and homogenous with the added bonus of achieving slip ratings dependant on the range and design from r.10 , r.11 and r.12 is readily coverable and is used in all areas were slip resistance is important and long term durability is wanted hence why this type of product is widely used in all sectors.

 Vinyl tile – (vct)
Vinyl composition tiles are the most hard wearing floor you will find its widely used in the supermarket and department store markets world wide and is usually 300mm x 300mm in size and at 3mm thick its not uncommon to last for 20+ years.

Vinyl plank and tile – (lvt)
Luxury vinyl tile and plank as its known is very versatile with endless designs and sizes it used in the retail, office and educational sectors mainly but is the popular choice for many other areas with its design and functionality.

Sheet vinyl flooring is used in a wide range of installations its versatility has seen it grow to one of the most used floorcoverings commercially were its designs and long wearing capabilities coupled with the safety and coving capabilities make the right product for the job a very easy task. Domestic sheet vinyl looring offers the design and soft underfoot feel a very popular choice in this ever increasing marketplace.


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