Concrete Overlays

Concrete Overlays floor fulfils the highest requirements of style, exclusiveness and good durability. The seamless and joint-free floors give a spacious impression. The concrete feel and industrial appearance not only ensure a quality appearance in public areas, the concrete overlays have become an extremely popular floorcovering. They are used traditionally in Cafes, Shops, Office Foyers, Art Galleries and Domestic units and now also increasingly in private living spaces.


They are on average a 4-5mm layer of concrete self-levelling compound with colour additives for a unique or individual floorcovering, or as most customers choose to have it straight from the bag, without any colour additives which will give a traditional warehouse look and feel.

When the overlay is completed its buffed and 2 coats of clear water based epoxy is applied to enhance the existing colour and texture, and also to provide a wear layer and sealer that is easily cleaned and maintained.

As with most floorcoverings Pandomo overlays have limitations and we believe are not suitable for wet areas.