Floor Levelling

Levelling of concrete slabs and timber floors has come a long way in recent years. The product range of self-levelling compounds, bulk fill products, rapid set patching compounds and feather finish skim coats has increased with technology to have a product for all different areas.

Below is a guide of floor levelling products:

  1. Self-Levelling Screeds

    These are commonly used to make a concrete slab that is not as level (or as smooth) as it should be to the standard that is required. Self-levelling
    screeds are usually applied from a 3mm minimum ave to any thickness but usually up to 10mm thick of course they can be installed thicker but the costs tend to be excessive.

  2. Bulk Fill

    These are commonly used were a floor has a set down or for ramping from 1 slab height to another. It’s a great product to build an internal ramp or to make a fall to waste.

  3. Rapid Set

    In the flooring industry this product is used extensively when the need for a product to dry very quickly is required its normally for patching of holes or small ramping requirements.

  4. Feather Finish

    This product is used extensively where there is a need for minor skim coating to approximately 1mm were a floor isn’t as smooth as it should be or general minor rectification prior to floorcoverings being installed.